25 October 2011


Tues and Thurs
are the best days in the week because James is home.
It's also our Run-a-Million-Errands day. 
And today's list included Wahiawa and Kapolei. 
I had a dentist appointment, tire needed to be checked, a.c. re-installed, and papers picked up for our new car. We still had time to kill before heading back to Laie. For a while James has heard me complain/think/wonder/contemplate CHOPPING off my hair. The last time I did a dramatic cut was on my honeymoon in 2010, and came home having to wear clip-in extensions at night show. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to grow it out thinking I'd return to Night Show, nope. So since no dancing, mind as well do it. I thought even if I ended up not liking it short, my hair grows back EXTREMELY fast. 
The wonderful husband James is, he pulled over at the first salon we saw "Regis Salon" in Kapolei...and I told the woman to have fun with my hair. And she did for 2+ hours (James had had enough after 30min). 
 The Mama-do
It looks way better freshly blown out, but since I had to rush straight to Haunted Lagoon in the rain, I'm surprised it's still manageable. Many people don't even know about my hair cut since I usually rock this "Internship-do" below. Because it can get so hot running around.
I have the cutest short layers ever & I keep twirling them in between my fingers. Cut, Layered, Thinned...i have a lot of hair, seriously, her entire floor was covered :) I wonder if Mahie notices the difference, since she kept staring and pulling at my strands. Lol speaking of Mahie and strands, she was able to get a hair-cut of her own at birth :) Now it's James' turn before he turns into a werewolf.


  1. good job on the costume!!! and you are one Hott Mama!! love the hair cut!

  2. I LOVE IT! es pecially the red lips with your do :) as soon as i quit (in December) I'm gonna pixie chop my hair!