29 October 2011

Good Bye Haunted Lagoon

As you know I started an internship with the PCC Marketing Department and so every night I helped out with their Haunted Lagoon ride. At my prior job I mainly dealt with the photo's tourists took with the Halloween characters or on the canoe. So I was already familiar with the long hours and craziness that this event demanded. But now at my new job, things were slightly different. Actually EVERY night my job was different. Of course there were some Up's and Down's.....but now looking back I can finally laugh at those Down's and realize they were fun experiences.

Random ppl with masks chasing you even though you yell, "I'm an EMPLOYEE"

Dressing up as pirates while selling
Famous lines used:

"1 for $15, 2 for $25.....and for 3? Let me grab my calculator "
"Please don't take a photo of the photo with your phone....yes I'm talking to YOU"
"Sorry I'm married......ya you can take me, my husband and my baby out......yup you heard me right, I'm a Mom"

Walking home after closing and watching a guy (who I guess locked his keys in), pop open his trunk, clear everything out, kick down his seats, and crawl through to open his back door....I was amazed. Ok at first I was frightened because all I saw were two legs wiggling out, but then it was a happy ending. 

 Packaging photo orders late into the night

the best help ever, 
they put up with me barking at them to "run FASTER"

Crazy Crowds + DEMANDING Kama'aina that want everything for free, eh

New Job + New Co-workers (Alex)

Hosting & meeting cool dance groups

 Meeting the "Mid-day Munchkin"

I had to operate the fog/laser light machine one night in the haunted house/maze. I was in charge of 5-6 little boys/pre-teen's that TRIED my patience the entire night. I've never been called "Aunty" soo many times. And after they kept saying, "Aunty the light machine is crooked" I stood in front & took a picture to check it's alignment and then the two above jumped out of the fog and scared the hell out of me. You bet I gave it to them after (haha) Other than it was stuffy, "Aunty can I do this?" "Aunty can I wear that?", and dealing with silly boys....they really did crack me up even though I wanted to strangle them at times. Plus you can't get a better view of people (even macho guys) screaming than 2 feet away! Little do they know they were getting scared by 10-13year olds...

Free buffet dinner

Tonight (my last night) I controlled the black light/strobe light for the "Laie Lady" while she scared the canoe riders. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't excited to be flipping a switch on and off.....however I began to enjoy/appreciate my area (especially once it rained & I was under cover). I laughed at practically every canoe. People are hilarious when they're scared, especially the Japanese tour groups. There were three "Laie Lady" characters that would switch off (One was Junk, one was Okay & one was THE BOMB) They wait until I flip the strobe light on which is their cue to crawl and scare. I felt bad at one point, since it's easy to doze off at my area. (At one point the sounds guy actually did.) Anyways, there are kiddie rides once in a while and the monsters just stand and wave. They signal its a Kiddie ride by waving a glow stick back and forth. BUT, it was late, dark, quiet....and I was already in tired "automatic flip-on, flip-off" mode. So I flipped the strobe, the laie lady starts crawling and all I see is a glow stick hitting/swinging at the laie lady character....then I realized OOPS IT'S A KIDDIE RIDE.....so sorry traumatized kids, pissed off glow stick tour guide and new laie lady volunteer who probably got yelled at afterewards.

That was my Haunted Lagoon 2011 highlights...no late nights, yay!

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  1. hahahaha this post makes me laugh! fraaakk i didn't ride haunted lagoon at ALL this year :( AND I didn't even get to work there on ANY of my nights off either :( boooo! but I'm glad you worked Hard for yo' money mama! haha and nex time tell the guy's who ask you out that you'd love to go out with them...and so would your baby, and they can ask your hubby for permission :) bahaha