16 October 2011

Sabath Sunday

I'm really glad I attended Church today. Not like we're inactive, but there was Conference & then my Parents persuaded Mahie & I to attend their ward the Sunday after...so it seemed like the Aspinall's were M.I.A. from BYUH 5th, but we showed up bright and early today :)
Other than Mahie making the meanest stinky farts during Sacrament, followed by a quick rush to relieve a very FULL diaper....the talks, lessons, EVERY part of church was wonderful. It would've been even better with James next to me, but he knows that we appreciate his hardwork. 
Mahie was passed around like crazy during Sunday School and Relief Society. I think it's her irresistible and very contagious smile that got all the sisters hooked. Maybe her leg rolls too. She left her drool mark on every one of them. After today, she has many new "Aunty's" that have already reserved to hold her next Sunday.

After church I was able to start on Mahie's bumble bee costume. My sewing skills are not the best, but hey, that makes funny memories to look back upon. 
Not really knowing how the end result will be, since there is no pattern, haha. My Mom made similar bee costumes for my brothers when they were babies so she's been my costume adviser. My Dad doesn't get why I chose polka-dot ribbon for the stripes instead of all black. I like it though, it's a cute touch. Plus it'll take away from my stitching flaws, hopefully. I think Walmart ripped me off because I already ran out of ribbon. At least the front has been covered. Plus Mahie can't sit up yet so the back doesn't even matter (yes my justification). 
My parent's said, "We need to take a picture of you for your blog." haha. I keep my sewing machine and things at my parent's since 1. there's more room and my Mom has her own sewing corner in the family room 2. Family members are always available to play with Mahie while I get h.w., studying, anything done (Dad in background).
I'll keep you updated on the bumble bee costume adventures...

James brought me back some Liliha cocoa puffs from town today. Yum yum yum.


  1. wow your awesome Ash, I can't wait to learn how to sew what a cool idea can't wait to see the ending results

  2. Omg u busy bee! I can't wait to get a sewing machine (actually I can't wait to get money) so I can start my sewing projects! I had a couple in mind for altering my clothes, but it'll have to wait i guess.

    p.s. i like the polka dot ribbon too :)

  3. I agree on the ribbon! So cute:) Ash, is there anything you CAN'T do? LOL!

    PS; how did you start sewing? I've been wanting to learn for a while now