03 October 2011

She's made it to 5 months

Our little Mahie is now 
5 months, & 3 days old
here she is getting her "face painting" at Tayden's (Ani & Brenson's daughter) little mermaid birthday party. We told the lady to paint whatever, but just above the eyes. We kept cracking up at her rainbow & two clouds...if you glanced really quickly, you'd think she had one of those old man 'comb-overs' :) She just sat there and stared at the paintbrushes.

Her next doctor's appointment isn't until November, but here are some stats so far:
She has made it to #3 sized diapers (the end of september)
Eats between 6-8oz a feeding
Reaches for & holds her own bottle
Rolls all over the place
loves drinking water out of cups & straws
fits 6 month sized clothes perfectly
hair has gotten curlier
Gets excited when she sees me, james, my parents or their dog cooper
LOVES listening to music
baby talks a lot more all to herself
rather stand than lay down, therefore enjoys her jumper
tons of drool but no teeth popping out
enjoys sitting outside on the grass
can't fall asleep without a fan blasting directly on her, a pacifier and flipping over on her tummy
we need to wake her up in the morning now, which helps us get ready first & then tending to her
LOVES grandma's halloween decorations
addicted to skype
I haven't quite gotten her back onto rice cereal since a bottle is so much more convenient. I was about to purchase the Magic Baby Bullet to make my own baby food, but according the feedback from facebook friends, it's a NO. Still searching for a Ninja? Vitamix? It's because the longer baby food jars sit on the shelf...the more nutrients become lost. 
With Aunty Tiana :) Who kept asking me when baby#2 was coming (not any time soon)
We're still dreading any teething fussiness, so far so good. We always keep her on the ground now because she doen't keep still. Also, her fingernails grow like CRAZY and now she can really scratch your face, it seriously hurts lol.
Here she is at her Grandma's house, watching Hocus Pocus and setting up for October

Tonight I ran into my friend Chantel, who's due ANY day now!
5 extra kisses for my 5 months baby tonight


  1. she's getting so big. they grow up too fast.

  2. AAAAAHHHHH she's getting so biig!!Channy looks so cute too. And I love how your family is so festive with 2 mills decorations for every holiday!

  3. i am starting to sound like a broken record but Mahie is SO adorable... the video of her laughing is heart melting! so cute <3

  4. your baby girl is so precious! i just wanna squeeze her cheeks! and i love her hair! glad to see that your little family is happy and healthy :)