23 October 2011

Primary Program

Mahie and I attended the Laie 4th Ward Primary Program. It's the ward I grew up in since a child, and now my Mom is the Primary President.
 {Laie 4th Ward Keiki}
 Boys had matching ties and girls wore flowers in their ear
{the wonderful Primary Presidency}

Excerpt from April 2011 General Conference:
"These precious children of God come to us with believing hearts. They are full of faith and receptive to feelings of the Spirit. They exemplify humility, obedience, and love. They are often the first to love and the first to forgive."
"Elder M. Russell Ballard has taught us the importance of the Savior’s admonition to “behold your little ones” when he said: “Notice that He didn’t say ‘glance at them’ or ‘casually observe them’ or ‘occasionally take a look in their general direction.’ He said to behold them. To me that means that we should embrace them with our eyes and with our hearts; we should see and appreciate them for who they really are: spirit children of our Heavenly Father, with divine attributes”
"Have some of life’s experiences taken from you the believing heart and childlike faith you once had? If so, look around at the children in your life. And then look again. They may be children in your family, across the street, or in the Primary in your ward. If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth."


  1. That's so funny that both of our moms are the primary presidents!

  2. Ya think she might be almost pau...i think she's been it now for almost 3 years!

  3. Looks like you've been busy Ash. Don't forget to treat yourself every... week. lol. You have, or you'll just go crazy.