08 October 2011


The dog at my parent's house recently gave birth to seven puppies. Now they've gotten to the stage of putting on some chunky pounds, wondering away from their mama and becoming very playful. Hmm...sounds almost like MY little pup, although the farthest she gets is rolling over onto her tummy.
We stopped by in the morning before running errands in town. As soon as we stood Mahie up on the grass, all the puppies surrounded her and started rubbing against her rolls. All they got in return was drool drips...but then she started to reach out to touch them. Only one puppy got it bad when Mahie wrapped her solid grip around his head & ears.....oh little pups <3
love you my little pup


  1. AAAAH THEY (your pup and the puppys) ARE SO ADORABLE!

  2. Hahaha poor puppies,never saw it coming.